What is the best chocolate desert ever tasted ??? ?!

Question: What is the best chocolate desert ever tasted ??? ?
The only chocolate desert I ever tasted was chocolate cake and ice cream :(


I dunno if this counts, but the brand Lindor sells the most amazing truffles ever.
I absolutely adore the white chocolate ones, but the milk chocolate are okay as well.

They've got other types of course, but i don't know them all. So here is a link, which might provide names.. ?


Chocolate fudge or chocolate moose from the all you can eat section from pizza hut years ago.

Gü Hot Chocolate Souffle! Don't know if you can get Gü in the States, but if so, you gotta try it. Their chocolate puddings are the best.

Chocolate pudding bread at the Hilton hotel buffet in Las Vegas. I ate so much i was in the can for 60 minutes.

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