Are cigarettes good for you?!

Question: Are cigarettes good for you?
I have a serious question. My butler and man servant Jeffrey told me that smoking can help me lose weight. Well I have an obesity problem and dieting isn't working for me, so if smoking helps me lose weight, should I start? My nephew has been relentless over the years with fat jokes and it has left me scarred. I'm desperate to lose weight!


Cigarettes will help you loose weight and health. So will do poison.

Looking at the last 3 generations of my family, the ones that smoked died on the 60's, the ones that didn't last to the 90's and 100's while enjoying life much more in the process.

Are you sure your nephew and Jeffrey are not trying to liquidate you? Probably not since you are doing such a good job yourself.

Get a grip. Obesity is not equal to success. Diets by themselves don't usually work. Get medical advise and detoxify your body. Work out. One hour of cardiovascular exercise increases your life expectancy by 60 minutes! So it is not a matter of having time for exercise! I burn 1,000 cal/hour in my work out, so can you, but at least you could burn 500/hour easily.

I don't know what your butler and Jeffrey are TALKING about. it will not help you lose weight whatsoever unless you form and addiction and that'ss all you think about and therefore you don't eat but i don't recommend that. and its DEFINITELY not good for you. at all. it can lead to lung cancer which can lead to death. it also makes your breath stink and turns your lungs and teeth black. and it makes you cough all the time. and it's very bad for the people around you as well. as to your weight loss problem, I suggest the Russian gymnast diet. only do it for a week at a time (like switch off every other week) because if you do it for more than 1 week in a row it can lead to malnutrition. but you also have to be very committed and stick with it if you want to lose any weight! good luck :) DON'T START SMOKING.

The fact that you have an obesity problem is a big enough reason for you NOT to smoke. Obese people tend to have breathing and circulation problems already. Even if you just start up, you increase your chances of higher blood pressure also. If you are looking for options try the lap-band, or doctor assisted dieting.

I lost my two best friends from cigarettes.
You're 60 don't f-up your life with smoking i quit 27 years ago best health thing i ever did.
If you can't do anything else walk don't jog ever day for minimum 30 minutes to two hours.
split the 2 hours into 2 secessions.
Listen next year you;ll be happy you did this.
Go to the metropolitan life web site look up your height and weight see what the max is they say to weigh for your height bone size and sex.
I.E. say you weight 280 Lbs and you want to go to 220 advised by them as healthy.
To loose 60 pounds you need to cut down 3500 calories per week for every pound you want to loose. That's only 500 calories a day.
But don't go over the maximum allowed calories for the weight you want to be.
I lost over sixty pounds in 9 months this way.
And i wasn';t able to excercise so i cut my caloric intake 20 to 25% below the normal caloric intake and it worked.
Don't look for friends to coach you do it for yourself.
good luck
This was developed in the 1950's by a weight lifter trainer and it works. no charge.

No cigarettes are not good for you. The might help you lose weight because it's hard to eat when you smoke cigarettes but they are much more likely to give you a heart attack, especially if you are overweight, before you noticed any weight loss. Start an exercise program. Fire your man servant and hire a personal trainer.

hey how about eat properly and do some exercise... yes smoking will help u lose weight since instead of eating u will be inhaling smoke which has no calories thing is smoking could cause cancer heart attacks and so on. If your body is strong enough you could try it but u might die before you were supposed to

No , smoking can lead to death , Maybe you should start eating right and exercise more.
Try waking up in the morning and jog. (:

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I don't think that anyone else actually read your question.


nah....cig is bad for you

ive seen fat people who smoke.....they are in worst condition

Yes cigs are good for you. I'm going to smoke one myself. **** cancer

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