Does 'on the rocks' mean ice or in a rocks glass?!

Question: Does 'on the rocks' mean ice or in a rocks glass?
What do you think it means.
I went to bartender school and I learned that what we all think 'on the rocks' means is wrong
On the rocks doesnt mean with ice in any type of glass. It means in a rocks glass .


Good luck going by that in a bar.
God, this is a prime example of why bartending "school" is such a sham.

That makes some seance as long as they say a rocks class will ALWAYS contain ice any single liquor liquor on the rocks should be served in a rocks class and with ice but if you must get something wrong let it be the wrong glass WITH ice. Putting it in a rocks glass with no ice and a paying customer WILL tell you o remake it.

On the rocks means "with ice" it is just smaller drinks that are a single liquor or even a mix less than 4 oz of alcohol would be best served in a rocks class it better have some damn ice in it or you patron will be pissed. However a blended cocktail like a Margarita can be 6+ ounces and a rocks class will not fit that with ice

Here would be an Whiskey, Vodka or even something like a Martini are all under 4 oz typically if order on the rocks use the rocks class with ice.

A Margarita, Caribou Lou and other blend drinks on the rocks should be put in a Tall or Highball or to be honest any large class with ice.

Hope you didnt pay too much for that school, but on the rocks mean over ice in a rocks glass.
you can have a drink in a rocks glass with no ice (neat) or chilled and strained in a rocks glass, niether one of these would be considered on the rocks

Whenever anyone I know orders a drink on the rocks they are expecting ice cubes in their drink. Maybe you can get a refund from your "school."

Really? I always thought it meant 'on ice'.

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