What Can i buy for $750?!

Question: What Can i buy for $750?
I'm 18 and I have $750 to spend so what do you guys think I should buy?!


3000 gumballs

Get that new iPad!!!!!! Or the new iPod touch !!!!! Or gt like a macbook!!!!!!! Or i ur not into electronics that for a night at a super overpriced hotel which will make u feel like royalty! Or just save up the money for a car,house or college money fund !! Hope this gave u some ideas:)

Bass Pro Shop.
I know when I was 18, I was always buying something for my vehicle to make it better.
Take your girlfriend on a road trip, somewhere fun and then get a nice dinner and hotel.

That could buy you a pair of jeans a t-shirt and some new shoes, and whatevers left just buy yourself a bite to eat, thats what i would do.! Spend your money wisely


buy a really cool dirt bike - you get good 2nd hand ones for 750 i suppose

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