Is blood addictive when tasted?!

Question: Is blood addictive when tasted?
I love the taste o f blood n wen I taste alil bit of it I seem to want more cuz it tastes good or sumthin


Please tell me it's only your blood you taste? And only when you cut yourself or something? (Acidently?)

I dont know what to say...but i like blood,only because of its colour and i do not crave it...I taste my own blood when i cut myself with a knife..but i dont like what i taste..maybe you tasted blood of a diabetes patient and its sweet so you like it?

Blood is highly addictive, there have been a number of books written on blood addiction e.g. Dracula. If you want to stop I suggest either putting a garlic necklace on or the alternative is to drive a wooden stake into your heart either way works.


a little bit wierd

thats not normal

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