MEN: Is it a turn off when a female gets drunk & smokes cigs (does it almost every weekend)?!

Question: MEN: Is it a turn off when a female gets drunk & smokes cigs (does it almost every weekend)?
Bonus Question: Do you think alcohol brings out ones true colors? Don't people usually know what they are doing when drunk?


In general, yes, women look just as stupid drunk as guys do. And picking a drunk up off the ground or removing them from the toilet for an evening isn't the average guy's idea of good times.

But let's be honest, here, fellas. When we go out to the clubs/taverns on the weekend, we are generally not looking for just any old bit of fun. We are looking to score. If there is enough desperation, then most guys will let both those things go if he thinks he's going to get a piece. I've seen plenty of guys (myself included) play nursemaid to a female drunk for the evening if he thinks it might get him some.

Alcohol does tend to show you one's true personality because it lowers or even eliminates any social inhibitions, for better or worse (more often worse). As for knowing what they are doing, that is certainly debatable. Enough drink can inhibit everything from memory to bodily functions. I was sampling Everclear for the first time with several friends one evening long ago. After finishing a good deal of the bottle one of them claimed to be Osiris, the ancient Egyptian God, and demanded that the rest of us bow down and worship him. Pretty disturbing, really. The next day he could recall none of what transpired.

People that have a problem usually won't watch a video of themselves when inebriated. The young and foolish who don't know they have a problem won't care unless they are embarrassed, but shame seems to be lacking in the younger generations.

It will put off most men. Kids and very immature men might find it attractive. So, if you want to associate with immature men, go right ahead.

Cigs turn men off. If you go to the bar and drink no big deal but if drunk out of your mind that also is a turn off.

It's a turn off
Drunk people act stupid.

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