What do i do if all my friends drink, but i want to stop drinking?!

Question: What do i do if all my friends drink, but i want to stop drinking?
i do things i wouldnt nornmally do when drunk (obviously, everyone does).. but the guilt i feel, even for minor things i do is unbarable, so i wanna stop drinking.

but thats all my friends do, is go out and drink?


You might want to consider not going out with them. If all they do is drink something bad will eventually happen and you probably will wish you weren't around when it does.

I don't drink and all my friends and family do. I think you just have to stop and learn you can have fun without drinking, if there your your true friend they'll understand. It doesn't mean you can't go out with them still, its possible to go out, have fun and not drink.

hang out with them during the day and find some non drinkers to hang out with sometimes. You can be their designated drivers sometimes, but there's more to life than playing chauffeur to your drunk friends.

Just order a glass of ginger ale and sip it while your friends get sloshed. Or non-alcoholic beer or a Shirley Temple or any virgin cocktail. The bartender can be a great help here.

Be the dedicated driver

Say you got a note from the doctor
Say your religion doesn't allow, and you feel uncomfortable talking about it
Tell your friend exactly what you wrote here

Need new friends . cant stay in the barber shop to long without getting your hair cut. Basically U will not stop drinking hanging with that group. But think drinking is cool.

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