Where can I buy zig zag rolling papers?!

Question: Where can I buy zig zag rolling papers?
I need some cherry zig zag wraps asap but I don't know where to buy them at. I'm on vacation right now and there is no smoke shops that I know of. Anywhere else I can check?


a gas station...

get them there all the time haha

Are there any tobacco shops around? Any store that sells cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco, cigarettes, etc...they always have rolling papers for sure. Here in Washington, our cigarette tax recently was raised so high that many people are buying loose tobacco and rolling their own. Its becoming so common that most minit marts that sell cigarettes also carry zig-zags; But they keep them behind the counter, so you have to ask. If they don't have them, they can likely tell you who does. Not sure where you are, but if nothing else, find a skate park, arcade, etc... and ask a 'likely' looking guy. He will surely know. Good luck.

Any convenience store in the hood.

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