I want to get drunk. Drink ?!

Question: I want to get drunk. Drink ?
I've never gotten drunk, ever. I'm 19. I know I'm not "legal" age but I know kids now a days start partying when their 13. Its sad really. I'm totally not into that sort of stuff. I've never even been to a real party! Haha but I don't care just lately I have been wanting to drink. Like no gettting wasted or throwing up. Just like a drink or two to relax and unwind. I have a serious boyfriend of five years and he says we can soon. Like just us. What kind of drinks should we gett? I have no experience with this at all! What does it feel like? Does it feel like Sorta being high? Bc I've done that just a few times like a year ago. I just need advice (: THANKS!


Getting drunk and getting high are too different feelings, but it also really depends on the kind of drunk you get. Do you want beer? Because then I suggest some ice cold Coronas and buy some limes to cut and squeeze inside. If your on a price limit, get Keystone or Bud light, these are pretty nasty though. Hard alcohol? Depends how much money your willing to spend. Want to make a nice fruity drink then i recommend Ciraque coconut flavor and blend it with pineapple juice and ice. Really good. Rum is pretty good, bicardi is good if you have the money with coke, orange juice, etc. I think Pinnicale is vodka but it still has that tropical rum taste, and cheaper! If you have absolutely NO money (like me), I usually get Pink Lemonade Burnetts and mix it wtih pink lemonade, kinda girly though. Or I like svedka (usually citrus or raspberry) or smirnoff, but thats pretty nasty. They all are really. If you wanna try whiskey, I suggest Jake Daniels and just mix it with coke.
Just chill. If its your first time drinking, don't go too overboard because hangovers are HELL and if you drink too much and puke you will never want to do it again. Remember, if you get beer AND alcohol, make sure you drink the alcohol first then beer. It can get you sick.

If your into weed, I suggest smoking after you get a little buzz from the alcohol. It will just make you feel a little drunker and it saves alcohol. Plus, I'm more of a smoker anyway so its always nice. Enjoy! And you're not a loser for not drinking until later in your life. Some people are just into different things, its not a big deal at all. Have fun!

College student

I'll just give some general information on avoiding a hangover:

1) Drink vodka, gin, white wine, or chilled sake. Tonic water and lime or fruit juices are good mixers.
2) Don't buy more than you plan on drinking.
3) Before you go to bed, drink a glass of water and take one aspirin. If you really want to avoid a hangover, take activated charcoal capsules, fiber capsules, and calcium carbonate tablets before bed, about four of each.

be care,you are only 19,you had better drink when you are adult.as you don't drink ,so you want to have a try,you are curious,in fact,drink is not a fun.

You feel really confused and dumb but you just don't care about anything. It's pretty fun if you do it in moderation. I'd just go with beer for starters, wouldn't want to throw up your first time drinking haha.

beer. tastes good, it can be filling, so you will drink slow and often it is harder to get sick while drinking. also there is no burning sensation like you would get from hard alcohol.

Vodka and it dosnt feel like your high more just relaxed but not like spaced out or anything like that. Downside is the next morning come the hangovers and for me they last all day

since your only 19, your sperm will get messed up and if you try to have sex, you will have a deformed kid. Try to stay off drinking until 21 atleast

start with beer or wine because you don't drink.. and then slowly move to hard liquor


Direct drink liquor

2 four lokos and you will be good all night

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