Do you think in stupid?!

Question: Do you think in stupid?
On Saturday I went to my friends birthday.I've never been drunk before.All my mates were having a few bottles and she asked me if I wanted one.I said no.Am
I stupid for saying no??

Thanks x


Sorry to disappoint others, but no Marley, you are very smart to have said no ..

Alcohol causes many problems especially if you're underage and/or underweight

No, you're not stupid. Alcohol is a drug, and it is your decision to imbibe or not. However, if a toast is made, it is rude to fail to lift a glass of something (even water will do).

No, you're not stupid. If you want to refuse alcohol, then that's your decision, and your friends should respect that.

You're not stupid. If you drink alcohol, it will harm your organs really badly. You're actually smart!

Considering the fact that you said 'in' instead of 'I'm', then chyah, you stoopid.

no not at all

common sence

Yes , really stupid


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