How come everytime my mom drinks she gets drunk?!

Question: How come everytime my mom drinks she gets drunk?
Every weekend she gets so drunk to Alcohol poisoning but for some reason she wakes up every morning just fine.

I used to be an Alcoholic a year ago. I suffered from 8 months of Alcohol abuse. Everyday I drank :/
But seriously. I got over it and cleaned myself up. My mom has been doing this her whole life. Almsot every weekend its. Get drunk until you have no idea where you bed is. And it scares me because she looks terrible and shes like 44 years old now.

My dad drinks a lot of alcohol to. But he doesn't really get drunk like my mother does. You could say my parents are both Alcoholics and thats where I learned my bad habits from. Sometimes I think I shortened my life a lot because of those examples. But I still don't stop to think about it because that would be pointless. I'm just trying to live my life in the moment and stay healthy like I am. The past isn't important. But right now my mom is killing herself with this.. One day.. Shes not gonna wake up in the morning. :(


sorry for your problems. my dad is the same way. try asking her how important you are to her and that you want her to watch you grow old too. you can also tell her that you don't want to watch her kill herself anymore.

1) She does NOT get drunk to "alcohol poisoning" if she did this she would need hospital treatment

2) You are still an alcoholic, just a recovered one

3) Your mother is NOT an alcoholic, no matter what you say, alcoholics need to drink EVERY DAY - She is a Binge Drinker (which can actually be worse than alcoholism depending on the amount of alcohol drunk)

4) She gets drunk because she is a binge drinker, once she starts she can't stop

You got problems there. Try to get your parents to AA

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