20 yo never drank alcohol?!

Question: 20 yo never drank alcohol?
i will be 20 yo in 4 months , and i have never drank any alcoholic beverages not even beer , is this is normal ?
note : i have no intentions to even drink ,all of my friends does drink , although i live in an arabian country


there's nothing wrong with it if that's what you mean. People that care whether you drink or not are not worth being around. I'm 20 now and the last time I drank alcohol I was 17. I woke up with a hangover and chose never to do it again, it really wasn't worth it.
If you say you don't drink then people won't force you to. Just don't give in to it, as then they'll see you can be pressured into it, and will always refer back to the time you did it.
Friends will like you for who you are, if they don't like what you do then they're not proper friends :)

I don't drink alcohol at all

If you were in a non-Muslim country it would be unusual, but I believe what you are
doing is a very good thing. Alcohol is too often abused, thus leading to bad things.

Who cares just grab a beer and have fun

It's by choice.

this is a very good thing ur strong minded..hope u stick with it....<3

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