can we eat the cholates when it is expire?!

Question: Can we eat the cholates when it is expire?

Yes, you can eat expired chocolate. It might not taste as good as it did when it was fresher, but it's not going to hurt you. I've eaten expired/old chocolate recently and I'm still here to talk about it! People are too hyper sensitive about expiration dates. There are certain things that are not going to kill you or make you sick f you eat them after their expiration dates. Learn the difference between "use by", "best by" and "expires by".

Personal experience

No. Expired is expired. OR if you have any enemies, bake a cake with it and give it to them. lol

Life experience. Don't drink expired milk either.

No, we can't eat food when they are expire, so when you buy it, you should choose fresh food.

It may cause vomit to you. I had once.

NO WAY!!!!!!!!

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