How to stop hitting on everyone when i drink?!

Question: How to stop hitting on everyone when i drink?

Oy, girl! You're examining the symptom and not the problem.

Are you unhappy because you are too successful from hitting on people, or are you unhappy because you are not successful at all? When the needs are met that is when the symptoms go away.

If you need to get laid, keep trying, it will happen. At the end of the day this is a self esteem problem that everybody deals with. Learn to be happy being who you are. Get yourself a life without a boy, and then the boys come to you. And here's a hint, I have a slight girl mustache that turns men off- you have a full beard. Consider a depilatory before your next night out.

If you're sleeping around and not getting where you need to be, then that is a much bigger self esteem problem. You are seeking approval/justification for your life from strangers who just want their rocks off. One night stand boys aren't in the position to give approval, they don't have it in them. They are needy and looking for the same things as you. The answer is the same as the first: get a life that has meaning without boys. You will become strong enough to attract the boys ready for a relationship.

Best to ya, love.

either get ****** or stop being a slut. i think the choice is obvious.

Dont drink as much and if you cant do that stop drinking all together

drink i like pepsi & i like wishkiy

Don't stop keep goin sex is the way to go if ur a sex addict lol

stop drinking

Simple - Don't drink so much

Duct tape? or stop drinking so much

stop drinking or drink quickly

Get a wingman ;)

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