Just curious question about alcohol!?!

Question: Just curious question about alcohol!?
I'm drinking Jim Bean bourbon for the first time, and apparently, the drink itself dates back a couple years before the revolutionary war...

Knowing this gives me a HUGE thrill....just knowing, that I'm drinking the same drink, our forefathers and thousands of patriots drank.......I feel like such it's a pure connection to our true american patriotism and history....

lol not really a question, more of a rant...anyone else feel this way?


you sure it wasnt the civil war?
jim beam didnt start up till 1795, the revolutionary war ended in 83

but even if it was the civil war, or even the war of 1812 (im thinking the latter), thats ******* cool as **** bro!

thats pretty amazing... you might try masturbating on it

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