What smells make you throw up?!

Question: What smells make you throw up?
I feel sick to my stomach and want to just throw up already and get it over with. Are there any smells that make you throw up that I can make?? (like adding common kitchen ingrediants together that smell just horrible) Any aweful recipes that you know of? Just that I have to go to bed and don't wanna have to wake up in the middle of the night to vomit... Thanks!


Wasabi! put it in your mouth and keep it in there till you throw up, straight wasabi, nothing else, no soy sauce. The thought makes me wanna throw up. Or mix together food that will taste and feel nasty. My first smoothie I made for myself was so bad I threw up, I mixed the wrong kinds of fruits and vegatables with eachother I guess.

Strong salt water or dry mustard mixed in water are common homemade emetics. You could also do the bulemia thing and gag yourself.

Empty Stomach --> Taco Bell --> 5 burritos --> wait 24 hours --> Restroom

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