What gets you a better high for weed in order from top to bottom?!

Question: What gets you a better high for weed in order from top to bottom?
I know vaporizer is the best, i saw manswers lol

So, id mainly like to know where bubbler and bowl fall on the list lol


Depends on what you mean by better.

joint is most efficient, except for the waste as you pass it around.
water devices filter out some active ingredient making them less efficient, but you get bigger inhales because of the cooling and compressing, so higher, but less efficient.
bowls are a little less of an inhale, but also slightly more efficient, although some active ingredient gets stuck in the tar residue.

properly used, vaporizers are both efficient as well as contribute to a better high, because they destroy less active ingredient, and the airstream doesn't include smoke,tars etc. so the inhales are larger, cleaner and more effective.

so, higher, vaporizer then bubbler or water device, joints and bowls. in that order.

eating, while inefficient , can get you the highest, because of the possibility of extremely large doses. In fact, it's the only way to ingest herb and get an unpleasant amount or feeling. Almost could be called an overdose.

Eating it would be above vape, I have a vape it works well, but well made edibles will kick your az z. I would say bong,gravity bong,or power hitter below those 2. Reason for the bong is that you have to clear the chamber and that gets a little extra encouragement to take a large hit.

i find that ya vaporizors r the best haha, but then i find lungs are awsome too!! haha and then i like bongs and then pipes and then joints. but i find joints r the most convient and the most fun to smoke ahha :) smoke weeed everyday~

excluding edibles:

vaporizer, bong/bubbler (water filtration), pipe, joint/blunt

I have absolutely no idea what any of you are talking about, other than something illegal is going on here.

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