I Wanna make a gin bucket ?!

Question: I Wanna make a gin bucket ?
Had this drink out at a bar and a friend made it and now I want to be able to make it at home


1.75 liters gin
4 liters Sprite? soda
16 oz(2 bottles) lime juice concentrate
3 sliced limes

Fill a large bowl or bucket halfway with ice. Pour the 1.75 liters of gin over the ice. Add the 4 liters of Sprite while stirring to ensure a good mix and temperature of the concoction. Add the 2 bottles of lime concentrate. Slice the 3 limes into eight pieces or smaller, as desired, and squeeze pieces over the mixture while adding them and stir together.


1 liter Beefeater? gin
1 can frozen fruit punch
1 can frozen lemonade concentrate
1 can frozen limeade concentrate
1 bottle diced cherries

Once again, fill a large bowl or a metal bucket half full with ice. Add the gin(the whole bottle). Next, add the concentrates and cherries. Finally, stir until it's ready to drink.

Sure hope this helps.

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