What's the best-tasting sparkling wine?!

Question: What's the best-tasting sparkling wine?
I'm looking for a good sparkling wine for my wedding. I've tasted Martini & Rossi's Asti before and it's pretty good.

Is there anything with an even better taste? I don't really like bitter wines.


Ballatore Gran Spumante
Cascinetta Vietti Moscato d'asti

Go to your local wine and spirits store and ask to see some more like these two and the one you mentioned, and they should be able to point out several more similar.

Say you want ones with some residual sugar in them, nothing dry.

Avoid anything with a high Parker rating.

There is no such thing as 'best'. Taste is subjective. For example, you think Martini and Rossi Asti is pretty good and I think it tastes like horse urine.

If you're looking for sweet wines, which it sounds like you are, remember, they're not traditionally served at weddings. However, it's your wedding- serve whatever you like. Similar wines would be Moscato d'Asti. You could also try a non-brut prosecco

I'm a sommelier.

If you don't like bitter stay away from anything that says Brut. Instead look for a dessert wine, specifically a sparkling wine/ riesling. It will be light and sweet.


English sparkling wines. Asti Spumante is the Budweiser of spakling wines.

I personally enjoy Italian Prosecco wines... there are quite a few available in the US reciently.

Lambrini ;]

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