Does vodka+coke+hot sauce taste good?!

Question: Does vodka+coke+hot sauce taste good?
my friend told me it does but it sounds suspicious. i dont want to waste any vodka on a fake drink


Sounds nasty as hell.

Oy! Lassie! Until you find yer balls there'll be no tellin'. Only way you'll find out from me is in the tryin' of it.

I predict you will live a very long and uninteresting life and you will eventually kill yourself to relieve the boredom.

Chew through you lease and come off the porch. There's places to stick your snout in this world you never dreamed of and you'll only find them on a spree.

Make the damn drink and embrace it and enjoy it even if it tastes like shite, even if it kills you, because you are now an explorer. Oh look! there's yer balls mate!

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