what are some decent beers for a beer nubee?!

Question: What are some decent beers for a beer nubee?
hello im new to drinking beer and im wondering what are a few good beers for me to try that arent to sgtrong but yet not to weak so far ive tried coors lite miller lite and becks is fosters any good what other beers are good im 30 years old and for my own reasons never got into drinking beer till i turned 30 so list me some decdent beers and what there taste is to you meaning what they taste like and how they feel aka do they feel full or em;pty when you drink them do they have a heavy taste let me know thanks


Moosehead Lager is a Canadian beer with not too strong a taste.
Labbatt is similar to Moosehead.
Guiness Draught is strong by good. Be prepared to drink the equivalent of a meal though.
Hennepin is an awesome beer. It's made by Brewery Omegang - as are The Three Philosophers and Duvel which are also great.
Chimay is an ale - I think - which is made by monks in Belgium. It has a sharp slightly bitter and crisp taste. I definitely recommend this one.
Samuel Smith also makes some good ales.
Arrogant Bastard Ale is amazing. It is made by Stone Brewery. Basically, if you see Stone written on the case of bottle in large caps, it will be good.
Great Lakes Brewery is good.
St. Pauli's Girl is a slightly skunky beer; it is what many American beers are based on as far as I know.
Rogue makes very good beers. The have a decent Irish style Ale.
Miller High Life isn't bad for a cheap beer.
Old Rasputin is an English Ale. It's harder to find - Trader Joe's has it. It is strong - about 9%
The Trader Joe's Vintage Ale is very good. I recommend going to Trader Joe's to find some beers. They have a large selection and describe the tastes of them, and I'm sure they have some associates who would be able to help you.
Red Stripe is imported from Jamaica, and it has a light taste - without being a light beer. However, I never drink light beer, so I don't know too much about it.
Newcastle is a British beer. It's kind of dark and flavorful.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is very nice.
Stella Artois is kind of a girl beer, but it's very good.
Pyrate is very distinct in flavor and goes well with Asian food.
Tecate is a Mexican beer which has a good flavor.

Hope that helped a little :)

Avoid any beer like Coors or Miller - all such mass-market beers are complete rubbish. Go to the back of your liquor store and find a few bottles (don't bother with cans - no good beer ever came from a can) of something you've never heard of. There are around 10,000 wonderful beers in the USA - most of which you will never have heard of.

Try them and you'll eventually know what you like and what you don't. Let's face it, it's only a cheap drink we're talking about - it's not as though you're buying a new car - anything you buy that you don't like will cost you only a small amount of cash.

There are so many different styles of beers. It all depends on what you like. Go find a good beer bar, and talk with the bartender. Try different kinds. Brand dont matter at the moment. Find a style you like first. Get a grasp on what makes them different. And dont buy crappy macro brewed amercian beer like budweiser. If u want toenjoy a beer get a good micro brew or specilaity brew.

Try the following styles: ale, pale ale, lager, stout, porter, pilsner, wheat.....there are a ton more not tomention variations.

Generally people who have not been drinking beer for years and years prefer the maltier styles to the hoppier ones. Try bocks, wheat beers, Scotch ales, or brown ales. Stay away from stouts, IPAs, and alts.

Try Red Dog! Maybe you jst don't like beer, try some liquor a nice glass of Bailey on the rocks works for me. It's smooth & tasty too.

Samuel Adams
Blue Moon

Definately Dos Equis (for cheap beer)


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