What is a good tasting alcoholic drink that DOES NOT hit you hard?!

Question: What is a good tasting alcoholic drink that DOES NOT hit you hard?
I dont drink hardly ever, and I want an alcoholic drink that tastes good but IS NOT strong...


You could try virtually any frozen drink (pina colada, daquiri, mudslide, etc). I would avoid margarita's, though.

Other than those, order any mixed drink as a tall (not double). This will add more juice/mixer but keep the same amount of liquor in the drink. Some popular drinks that you could get as a tall: tequila sunrise, cranberry/vodka, screwdriver, sex on the beach, etc.

The heaven is a man ... a woman and a glass of Federwei?er .... but be careful too much ... and the next morning you know how it is in the hell. But in the evening the most forget the hell for it is very nice in heaven.

ps: in Austria it′s called Heuriger.

Cask-conditioned Real Ale. Avoid Dudweiser, Swiller and Curse whatever you do.

Bud lite lime or any of the other light lime beers.

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