Is Redbull bad for you ?!

Question: Is Redbull bad for you ?
Are there bad ingredients in Redbull or any other energy drink such as Monster or Rockstar ?


The energy drinks contains a lots of caffeine. The caffeine is not really good for you if you take too much. The caffeine that red bull contains is shown on the can.

Any item with more than 5 ingredients should be avoided.
If you can't pronounce the ingredient, if you can't look it up in the dictionary, if you look it up and its says DON'T USE ANYTHING WITH THIS IS IT (like high fructose corn syrup) it should be avoided.
What doesn't have poison in it and will still give you a buzz? black coffee!!!

its only bad for you if you dont burn off the energy it provides. other wise it will make you fat.
and i guess the caffeine is bad because there is so much

Yeah dont believe all this stuff about it gives you wings, energy or anything like that. All energy drinks are bad for you including redbull.

It's good but at the same time you should burn your calories by doing regular exercise.


If you Drink too much!

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