Is moderate red wine consumption bad for teenagers?!

Question: Is moderate red wine consumption bad for teenagers?
I'm 15 and I have a great appreciation for cuisine. I have lived in France for parts of my life and I have adopted some of their culture, particularly their red wine intake. I do not enjoy drinking red wine for its 'buzzing' affects and do not drink enough to become inebriated. However, I do enjoy having one glass with dinner. Does one glass of red wine with dinner pose any danger for a 15 year old?


I think you will be fine. Moderate wine consumption is a huge part of European culture, including the children. It teaches them an appreciation of alcohol so that they don't overdo it when they "come of age" like many North American children do (which is sad, really). I think it's good that you have this appreciation at your age, and moderate red wine consumption has been linked to good health. Just don't overdo it, and you'll be just fine.

alcohol has great effects on your stomach and liver. being that young, i wouldnt drink it because it could also affect your brain cells and store the alcohol causing you to go over weight.

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