Why is alcohol use and binge drinking so prevalent on college campuses?!

Question: Why is alcohol use and binge drinking so prevalent on college campuses?
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Because our society is so repressive when it comes to alcohol and other things that "kids," who are actually young adults but are not treated like it, when they gety away from home tend to be pretty irresponsible. Mostly because people do not give their "kids" any responsibility when they are growing up.

Immaturity + Lack of self esteem

<- College student who is over 21

Realizing that in less than 2 months they are graduating and have to finally be real mature people. Not that I am speaking from experience or anything...ya know....yea

College kids are jealous of the kids who joined the Marine Corps. They hate their lives and try to drink it away.


Nothing better to do..peer pressure, immature, liquid courage

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