Can a restaurant refuse to serve me alcohol the day after my 21st birthday if my permit still says UNDER 21?!

Question: Can a restaurant refuse to serve me alcohol the day after my 21st birthday if my permit still says UNDER 21?
My fiance and I went to this restaurant yesterday (the day after my 21st birthday) and I ordered a alcholic drink. It was just a Key Lime Pie Martini that I ordered. The waitress checked my ID and then came back and checked it two more times. The third time she came, she asked me if I had any other papers with my name and age on it. I told her, What papers? No. And then she was like, Can I see your ID again? I gave it to her and she took a look at it and then went and got the manager who THEN came and carded me two more times. The second time, she asked if I'll let her take my card and I said, Sure. Go ahead. She took it to the back (I don't know what she was doing with it but I could care less because I AM 21 and my birthday's printed right on the card.) Anyway, so the manager came back and said that she couldn't serve me alcohol because my ID says that I'm still UNDER 21. I said to her, Well, my birthday's on there and my card doesn't expire until March 2010, so what's the problem? The manager just said, Sorry, we just can't serve you. I was really mad about this because I was able to go drinking at bars the night before.. and I had no problems with my ID!! The way the waitress and manager treated this situation pissed me off. Anyway, so I tried to let it go and continued looking through my menu. 5-10 minutes later, my waitress never came back to take our orders. Mind you, it was 3pm and there weren't that many people there. Probably only about 7-8 other tables. Our waitress kept coming back and forth serving the other tables around us but she never came back to our table. My fiance got pissed and walked out. I would've walked out too but then I was courteous enough to stay back and pay for our sodas. EXCEPT, after my fiance left, NO ONE came to my table until 15 minutes later. So anyway, my waitress never came back. It was this OTHER waitress who came and asked me I'm ready to order and I said, No, I think I'm fine. My fiance left already so I guess I'll just take my bill. The waitress said, Oh, so what did you order? Just the sodas? You know what? That's okay, just go. So I didn't pay for the drinks, I just left. You know, it really offended me how the waitress asked me if I had any other 'papers' with my name and birthday on it. WTH? Just because I'm Asian don't mean I've got other PAPERS.

Here's my question: Can a restaurant refuse to serve me alcohol the day after my 21st birthday if my permit still says UNDER 21? (Keep in mind, my birthday is printed RIGHT on there and my ID doesn't expire until March 2010. Also, the reason why I'm holding off on changing it is because I just turned 21 on Nov. 29 and I'm afraid that if I change my ID, I won't get the new one in time for my Vegas trip in the middle of December.)


unfortunately they can even if it didn still say under 2,
on most proof of age it says on the back that it doesn give you the RIGHT to entry or service

ID has to be valid, which yours isn't, having expired in March 2010 -
we are now March 31, 2011 ... so December is like 8 months away.

here the thing they can slap your dumbass in the face for being a jackass

tommy knocker

I would think if you have a valid ID that they should not give you any prob.

Yes, they can..

Your question is WAY too long. I didn't read it. But you're either 21 or you're not. So either your ID is wrong, or you are wrong. I'm willing to bet that you are wrong.

Bottom line: A restaurant can refuse to serve you for any reason. It's not your god given right to have a cosmo.

Some people are not very bright but they were just trying to protect their liquor license the best way they could. March 2010 is past. Your ID must be expired. We are in the 2011's now aren't we?

I am sorry you had that bad experience.

Anyway, I want to wish you a happy 21'st year.

Do you happen to have a copy of your birth certificate? Passport? My children were born in the town I live in and all I need to do is go to the Health Dept., request a copy, wait, and then pay them for it.

They can refuse you no matter what age you are.

It's their premises so they can serve, or refuse, whoever they want (as long as they don't break the law on underage drinking).

PS: Looks like we have another of the "lets rip off old questions to give myself best answers" users here

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