American Spirit vs. Marlboro?!

Question: American Spirit vs. Marlboro?
When I started smoking I smoked Marlboro lights, but a friend who did the same now alternates between those and American Spirits. I know they're additive-free and all that, but what's the TASTE like? All I've heard is more robust. I don't want something too strong. Thanks


They taste alright, I use to smoke them. The thing about them being additive free is that most other cigarette brands use chemicals and additives to add nicotine or make the nicotine more easily observed into your blood to their smokes. American Sprit does not add anything, even the little picture of the bird on each cig is made from soy ink, but it will be harder for you to get your nicotine fix off of them.

I actually recently quit smoking using electronic cigs, they work great and really take care of the nicotine cravings. Now I have even quit using the E-cigs. If your looking for a safe alternative to smoking look into E-cigs, any brand it doesn’t matter, you wont regret it. The only negative side effect to E-cigs however is you look kind of like a tool while smoking them.

use to smoke reds, than american spirits, than E-cigs, and now nothing.

I used to smoke them. I like them better, but they are so expensive. And even though they say they are addictive free, it won't help you quit. Because it is the habit as much as anything else.

You can always try a pack of the lights and see if you like them.

What's the difference. Either way you'll stink and damage your health. You'll increase your risk of cancer, emphysema, and getting a aneurysm (just to name a few). So, you probably die early. So, just flip a coin.

Is that what you are looking for?

American Spirits taste less chemical, and they burn slower, so you can puff less frequently without wasting the cigarette.

They have different strengths and flavors or American spirits. It is all preferred tastes ;-)

Establishment I work at sells 8 different flavors

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