smoking hookah (shisha) bad for you?!

Question: Smoking hookah (shisha) bad for you?
i just got a hookah and smoke that middle eastern tobacco that you put in the hookah. is it bad for you? i mean its filtered has the water in it and everything.... cigerettes are worse right?


the smoke in hookah pipes is typically cooled which does make it less harmful then cigarettes toke for toke. however, hookah pipes are generally used for much longer periods then cigarettes. the short answer is that they are harmful and can even be as harmful as cigarettes

yes it is bad for you. you're inhaling smoke... it may not be as bad as cigarettes, but only because of the lack of chemicals.

it's like asking if brown sugar is better for you than white sugar. it is, because it is less processed but both are still not good for you.

you're rights cigerettes are worse, but a hookah is the middle eastern equavalent to ciggs. In order words it is bad for you, it is still a drug and it is addictive.


smoking in general is bad in some sort of way, even if it takes some chemicals or some crap like that our of the smoke, its still bad

That is the better thing to smoke. Not really bad for you at all. Just fun. Dont smoke cigerettes.

all smoking is bad but the hookah is better then cig's.

I have never heard of that... but smoking anything is generally not good for you.

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