It sounds silly but how do u get drunk?(Partyers)?!

Question: It sounds silly but how do u get drunk?(Partyers)?
i mean im 'bout to throw a lil' party at my crib cuz my parents are going to hawai for a short time so im trying to get the most out of it. What kind of drinks gets ppl mostly drunk without lotta dose? or is there pills u take? My friend said advil and i lmao but seriously what is it? Ladies, let me know! Men, i know you know so keep me update! ~_~


if you're under 21 you shouldn't be drinking at all. But shots get you drunk the fastest

alright ways to get drunk quick:
-drink on empty stomach (increases rate of alcohol absorption)
-drink carbonated beverages (increases rate of alcohol absorption)
-drink different kinds of booze (vodka rum tequila)
-do shots

number one thing when drinking to get drunk is don't EVER drink quickly. its possible for you to find a really smooth vodka and down most of a 40 before it starts to hit you this is how people get alcohol poisoning. whatever you do space those drinks out by at least 15-20 minutes, don't drink without knowing your limits, and know when to stop

right and like the guy above me said don't mix with pills i learned this one the hard way. even if someone is telling you it will be fine don't trust them

Woow....first of all i would recommend only drink. Not the pills thing. Just a reminder of "home made" pills like ecstasy that is made by a drug dealer. If you lay 10 pills on a row. think of this. 1 of these can kill you and the other can not even get you in party mode.

And i would also recommend your parents being around, if it's the first time ever you drink. I can understand it's your first time as you don't know what can make you drunk.

Else try these brands: Bacardi, Bud light, Beer general, Mocai, Smirnoff. That's the top brands i like.
Maybe search for some recipes for drinks. Like vodka and cola. And a pink lady :D

In general will shots get you drunk really fast.
And one of the fastest games i know to get drunk is the beer run.
Def: split into 2 teams, each person on the team shall run the one end of a point/line, drink a whole beer of drink, then run 10 labs around the spot (in circles) and run back, and then the next person and so on. When all persons have took this run, the team that did it fastest wins.

The key to physical games is it keeps your blood stream very high and then the alcohol will be dissolved in your blood very easily and quick.

Oh dear god..How old are you, 12? "is there pills u take?"

You get drunk from alcohol, not pills. Do NOT mix the two. Get a case of beer, a bottle of vodka and some juice to mix it with and you'll be good to go.

just get a keg of beer and drink like 3-4 because beer on tab gets you drunk faster idk y

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