Is naming a cocktail an irish carbomb offensive to everyone else as well?!

Question: Is naming a cocktail an irish carbomb offensive to everyone else as well?

saying its just words is nonsense-it IS VERY offensive and thats that-lose the name-do Americans not know how many people lost their lives in N Ireland?

Its offensive to me in a few ways

1) It just plays to american stereotypes of the irish
2) Irish-americans think that its an authentic irish drink, when you'd never be able to get one in an irish pub
3) Its an awful desecration of guinness.

Live and drink in dublin

This drink isn't offensive. Look up different shots and drinks online for some really offensive names, "buttery nipple", "slow comfortable screw", etc.…

Unfortunately, society has been trained not to be offended by any racist remarks directed towards white people, so this one is fair game.

Now had you asked a question using a similar remark against another race, then it would have been deleted by now.

If people are offended by nothing more than words, then they themselves need to get a life.

It's just a few words nothing more.

The speaker never puts meaning to them, just whoever hears them makes them into what they want them to be.

lol im irish and i love car bombs...the only way id be offended was if it tasted like crap

if that offends you leave the bar. dont be Buzz Killington

Peter Griffin

They are a popular shot..not offensive

maybe an irish person

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