How to get drunk before a party?!

Question: How to get drunk before a party?
Im a 18 year old girl, and i want to get a little drunk before a party. I have a bottle of 40% alcohol contreau. And i dont have much experience drinking. Im quite small, about 5"7 and 125 pounds. How much of it willl i have to drink to get a tiny bit drunk? And i dont want to be crazy, just more confident and fun! :) thankyou!


Wow. That is a really immature approach to alcohol.

As an averaged sized female with little drinking experience, I'd recommend drinking one standard drink of alcohol an hour and no more. It should give you a pleasant buzz without making you do anything stupid. Maybe two in the first hour, but do try to space them out.

For a 40% beverage, that's about a 25ml shot. About a tablespoon's worth.

probably not a lot at all, the more you've eaten the soberer you'll be,
but if you havent eaten anything, a couple of sips would probably get you tipsy,

im male 18, 6" and 140pounds with not much drinking experience,
i drink Jack daniels, (also 40%) and if i've had nothing to eat i cant handle it at all, but if i've eaten donuts, or bread before, i can manage about half a half bottle before i feel anything at all

ya if you havent drank much dont go to crazy 2-4 shots and you will prolly be drunk so start with that

Three 30 ml shots with 5 minute gap between them. Cheers

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