I got kicked out of a nightclub lastnight over a stupid reason?!

Question: I got kicked out of a nightclub lastnight over a stupid reason?
Well I was in thi club and was dancing with me mates and the dj said ya want any songs playing let me know so I thought what the hell so I went up to the dj booth and requested a song gorillaz stylo he said he never heard of it do then I requested niton by Eric prydz and he said again he never heard of it so I went away then as soon as a girl went up he played her song straight away so I went up again and requested tiesto cmon again he said he never heard of it so I just said to him "ya need to check out the music channel once in a while and update ya music library" then some meaty bouncers came up to me and said "sorry bud time for you to leave" I asked why then he replied "for causing a scene with the dj WTF man I defended myself just saying that's bullshit I told him what I told the dj and then he turned round said watch what ya say about me brother I was like oh right so I just left no point in arguing. And I'm thinking to me self the smorning how can they do this it's bs how did I make a avenge just giving the dj a suggestion I don't think I will bother going back their again what do you guys think


You have heard of the saying 3 strikes and your out. You should, never have gone back and asked the dj the 3rd time. You just fu*cked up the rest of your nite, by being a dufus. Just let go, thats not the only club in your city.

I do not think so. Since you came out to start your new life just fine. Do not think about unpleasant things in the past.

You basically told the DJ "you suck" and you wonder why they threw your @ss out?

go back and actually make a scene kick asss

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