whats the best beer ever?!

Question: Whats the best beer ever?
im having my 22nd birthday next week and i wanna know whats the best beer you can buy at the store? gunna be tons of people so i wanna get a good beer that can be found at the store


You didn't say where you're located so it's hard to say but Leinenkugel is available almost everywhere so grab one of their variety packs.

For special occasions I usually get Hacker-Pschorr and something by Unibroue but they may not be in your local store.

I dont know if it will be in your store but " castlemaine" NOT NEW CASTLE im a heavy beer drinker and drank beers from all over the place and that one by far is the best!!!!!

I like Newcastle Brown Ale. Most German beers are good. Stay away from cheap American light beer like coors or budweiser, that's shitty beer


That would be a matter of individual taste.

Rolling Rock

Bud Light Lime(:

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