How should I celebrate my 21st Birthday?!

Question: How should I celebrate my 21st Birthday?
Well I am going to be 21 years old tommorow and some of my friends want to take me out tonight and I think it for some drinks. To be honest I have not drunk any hard liquor at all but maybe couple of beers. So two of my friends want to take me out to Happy Hour, then some of them want to take me out to a Bar at night. but my parents sort of disapprove it so what should I do? how should I enjoy this special event


Have fun but Dont Get Drunk. have a couple of beers maybe 3 but dont go crazy. think of some other ways to have fun.

Smoke some cronic from a bong that is filled with vodka. Then chug it.

well just invite some friends and family over to have a nice birthday party

Get some!

dont drink too much maybe go to a club but just dont over drink

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