is Beer bad for young people ?!

Question: Is Beer bad for young people ?
i wana drink and i dont know if i should




Yes. There's a reason why there's an age limit on drinking.
The earlier you start, the more likely you are to have an alcohol addiction later on in life.
Not to mention, until you're 18, your brain is still growing, and exposing it to alcohol can cause loads of problems later on in life, including memory loss at an early age.
Not to mention, most of the time, when kids drink for the first time, they often go way overboard. It often ends in alcohol poisoning, girls sleeping with strangers, drunk driving or just pure stupidity.
I'd hold off until you're old enough and responsible. Make sure you always have a designated driver beforehand, if you do go drinking.
Good luck! I hope this helps.
And ALWAYS try to drink in moderation. One drink per hour is considered safe amounts.

Beer is bad for all people it's poisoness to your body give or take thats why it kills your liver causes you to vomit and gives you a hang over the next day. It's also terrible for you on terms of fat content have ever see a phrat boy or your generic trailer trash well guess how they got to the point where they have bigger boobs then any of the women the've ever come in contact with.

too much of anything is bad for anyone regardless of age. You haven't aid how old you are...underage?
if you are strong enough to just drink one then it should not hurt you Try a light beer first time up to see if you like it.

Its perfectly fine,
it gives you magical powers too.
So once you start to feel all dizzy you'll know your magic powers are coming.

Thats how i got my powers.

It's not bad. It's actually the mildest form of alcohol. try it and see if you like it.

You drink 4 and drive, cops will test you for dui and you can be arrested.

How young? beer isnt bad for you really, its just not often taken in moderation.. to much of anything isnt good.

Not bad.Can drink a little.

In excessive amounts it kills brain cells...don't drink and drive!

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