Can an 18 yr old male in california brew and drink his own beer legally?!

Question: Can an 18 yr old male in california brew and drink his own beer legally?
My neighbor said yes. Would u agree?


everyone so far is mistaken

its only illegal to PURCHASE alcohol nationwide under 21

California state has no laws against possession or consumption underage, just furnishing... so if you brew your own, and consume it, you are breaking no laws…

making beer isn't super hard but anyone who is willing to put the effort in really should be allowed to drink it and the drinking age is arbitrary to the north of you (canada) its 19-18 and to the south i don't even know if there is one if there is its less then 18

You can buy the supplies legally.
You can make the beer legally.
Once alcohol is produced, though, it won't be legal.
In reality, nobody is going to be raiding your home for a few bottles of homemade brew.

Legally? No. You're not allowed to consume alcohol until you're 21. Morally? It's not a big deal. Just don't advertise it.

yeah if you do it in the comforts of your home. Don't publicize it or make it a business. You will be arrested.

Sure you can make it, you just can't drink it.

Make it, yes. Drink it, no.

I think it's ok.

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