What is the best thing to eat before you drink and get shitfaced?!

Question: What is the best thing to eat before you drink and get shitfaced?
I want to know if there is a certain food that can make you consume more alcohol than normally and won't get you sick.


bread... plain slices of bread. I'll down 2 and another in the car. they soak up the alcohol in your stomach and let you drink more and longer. they also keep you drunk longer once you are there because they slow down your digestive so don't use this method if you will need to drive home.

I'm a Fu+king PRO

*protein, like chicken.. don't take cheese milk or dairy bc you will puke and get sick when it mixes with the alcohol.. i stay away from alcoholic drinks with milk or creme in them.. no coffee or penne ala vodka..

edi: this might be true, if you've had a meal with olive oil it might help coat your stomach from absorbing the alcohol.. this girl told me, this guy won a drinking contest bc he'd take a swig of olive oil beforehand.. sounds kinda gross but maybe it works

Avoid chinese food.

A hoagie or a grilled cheese sandwich. Anything with a good amount of bread.

Mcdoubles and lots of them.

Lots of Taco bell

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