Which is better weed or alcohol?!

Question: Which is better weed or alcohol?


I am against both, but I rather we had weed legal, and alcohol outlawed.
Sadly, alcohol is too easy to make.

Alcohol! You can get it anywhere and it's legal!

weed you can actualy function while ur on and will not kill you if you do to much AAAAAAlcohol messes u up bad i agree neither are great but if i had to pick it would be canibis

If you have anxiety, do not smoke weed. Panic attack while high is the worst thing ever. But weed can be pretty amazing if done right.

Both the same. Alcohol messes with ur liver and weed with ur lungs.

Alcohol get you laid

Weed doesn't.

Pretty easy.

I honestly like the feeling of being drunk more than being high. It's really just a matter of personal preference

smoke in a bong filled with vodka then drink the vodka. i guess BOTH!

Kaneh Bosm

... weed


neither one is good

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