Does sparkling white wine go well with Salmon? What is a good dry sparkler?!

Question: Does sparkling white wine go well with Salmon? What is a good dry sparkler?

Yes, sparkling wine goes well with salmon, but it has to be a nice, dry, crisp wine that can balance out the salmon's richness. You don't have to spend a fortune, either. An excellent choice would be an Italian Prosecco, they are all dry and crisp and good ones run around $20. You can also go with a Spanish Cava, just make sure it is a "Brut", which means it's not sweet. Same if you go with a French Champagne. An interesting and less common alternative is a Brut Rosé (pink) Champagne, they're normally more expensive but well worth it!

Many, many years drinking and collecting wine.

Champagne is crisp, tart, and bracing-the acidity cuts through salty foods well, like salmon. Sparkling wine just means it is not from the Champagne region of France. So, I would go with a nice Brut. Watch out for when it says semi-dry because it really tastes semi-sweet. You can pay three bucks to three hundred so watch for Brut, and stay in your price range. I even like the cheap ones with salmon.

The genius about sparkling wine is that it goes with everything. When it doubt about red or white, choose sparkling wine or Champagne. My favorite food-friendly sparkling wine that is a good value is Prosecco, sparkling wine from Italy. Even the very best isn't much more than $20.00

Beaujolais (red) is traditional with salmon. However, if you want a sparking white, by all means drink a sparkling white. How about Asti?

1. Yes. Good sparkling wine goes with anything.

2. The world's finest sparkling wines come from England - but you'll have trouble tracking them down in the USA.

Salmon can be served with many wines. The way you prepare it is key. Without that info, I can't help.

I'm a sommelier.

Not for me, but really, you should go with whatever you enjoy.

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