I attend a AA "show" its full of complainers, is this common?!

Question: I attend a AA "show" its full of complainers, is this common?
PURE MEN TOO! of course they check me out and want to hit up on me. Who wants complaining men???? Please do not give me the lecture to switch "shows". This show had the least amount of complainers because it was a early morning and mostly men. I have a life. I must take care to keep a roof over my head, PLUS If you are hanging out in the YA "Beer, Wine & Spirits" area then you may understand. I live in a hillbilly town with more Saloons than AA shows.
PLUS, what the heck is wrong with a few cocktails every few weeks?
I drink at home. problem? I do not drive, I function properly and occasionally run into town folk on my street.


You're a step in the right direction. Listen and you will see others have same issue as you,
Pleased you see you have a Problem, and you want to stop your downward spiral into the abyss of alcoholism.

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