Effects of having your drink spiked?!

Question: Effects of having your drink spiked?
My boyfriends drink got spiked last night and he passed out at about 1am. His friends took him to the hospital but he still hasnt woken up. It is now 3pm and im very worried about him. I live 3 hours away from him and there is no way I can get to him. We were planning to live together next year. Im just wanting to know if anyone has had their drink spiked and what the effects were. (Did you pass out, How long did you pass out for, Did you have memory loss, Could he be seriously damaged and could it maybe result in death?) Please answer. Im extremely worried about him.

Also could you please tell me if you have any idea what his drink could have been spiked with?


That's terrible. It's difficult to say what exactly they put in his drink since there's so many different "date rape" drugs out there, but the most common would have to be GB.
It's in liquid form and is made mostly out of drain cleaner- clear in color. He probably wouldn't have noticed it if someone slipped it into his drink since it just looks like water from when the ice in the drink melts.
If it was GB, he would have had to drink gallons of it in order to cause any serious and irreversible damage.
The hospital may be able to find out what your boyfriend ingested and they would be able to give more insight into what is wrong.
I wouldn't worry about terrible things happening to him though. Date rape drugs can definitely knock you out for long periods of time, but they aren't created to cause serious damage or kill.
Hope everything turns out ok!

Depends 100% on what its spiked with. Could have been a high does of GHB can basically put you into a coma or into a deep sleep for many hours.



I've taken beta-Phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid that binds to the same receptor as GHB. The next morning you are real groggy like you just woke up and stay fuzzy for a several hours. I think I slept till like 1 pm the next day.

As long as he's in the hospital and stable, I would think he would be fine.

I've known a few people that it has happened to. Like the other answer says, they act and feel VERY drunk with little or no alcohol intake, and then they pass out. They felt few side effects the next day.

If he is in the hospital, I am sure they are taking good care of him. Doubtful that he was poisoned. Probably just a little drugged up. Good luck to you.

Not an expert on the subject, but I work in a bar and I've seen it happen (usually to girls though).

They pretty much just act REALLY drunk, and pass out cold. They get taken away by ambulance, but I'm sure they're fine the next day... maybe a bit groggy.

Why would someone roofy your bf? I'm sure he'll be fine tomorrow, unless someone really wanted to hurt him and used some kind of poison... Hope he's alright.

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