Unopened milk for 45 mins outside the fridge?!

Question: Unopened milk for 45 mins outside the fridge?
This evening i have left the fridge door open for like 45 min. I thought i shut it close. I was too busy running around that i found out 45 mins later that the fridge door was open. I have a half gallon of milk unopened sitting on the fridged door. It was still cool, however the other foods like cheese was warm and cream was warm. Im more concern for the milk do you think its still good? I had sunny delight that was unopen as well. Thanks.


Milk can survive for a day or two if the seal isn't broken. People didn't always have refridgerators.

Even open, the milk should last several hours before it goes bad. Unless it's like 80 degress out it should be fine.

If it wasn't yet room temperature when you put it away, it will be fine. Worst thing is it might go bad faster than normal, but most people get through a half gallon before it gets to that anyway.

If in doubt, taste it. Sour milk wont kill you, it's just unpleasant. If it tastes fine it is fine.

People often forget that milk is pushing 98 degrees when it's still inside the cow. lol.

Yea the only thing I really drink is 2% milk and I leave my glass in another room for like an hour and a half and forget where it is and come back and drink it. Also leave it out sometimes when I make coffee for about an hour. Milk spoils at room temperature after about 2 -3 hours and cheese takes about 2 days.

I took Culinary Arts in high school for 3 years and graduated as the best in my class, I know my foods.

It's still good. Everything in the fridge is still good. Haven't you ever had groceries in the car for 45 minutes before you got them home?

mostly everything should be ok. the cheese and milk are probably fine i wouldn't worry to much just use common sense

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