What gets you drunk faster?!

Question: What gets you drunk faster?
I have Seagrams Extra Dry Gin mixed with mountain dew. Do you get drunk faster by taking straight shots or do you get drunk faster by mixing it? Also I need to take a piss right now. Will taking a piss get me drunker?


The amount of drunkness depends on the amount you drink, though it might hit your blood stream faster with the carbination and caffeine in mountain dew (it speeds up your metabolism). I'd throw your shots in a little mountain dew and chug it.

Taking a piss won't make a difference. Go ahead and do it now though before you're too drunk to hit the toilet.

EDIT: and for the record, drinking mountain dew won't make you less drunk, but it will keep you from getting hung over. Whether you mix it or not, drink other fluids apart from just the alcohol.

taking shots normally gets you drunk faster your consuming a concentrated amount of liquor vs diluting it with MD you could take 3 quick shots by they time it takes you to sip on a MD mix. also i heard that taking a piss after you start drinking is kinda a buzz kill if you don't replace the alcohol because you pee out most of the alcohol and theres not as much in your bladder to get absorbed into you bloodstream
hope this helped happy drinking

Edit:btw you get drunker faster because you consume the alcohol instantly vs drinking it in part with md plus you'll have to pee less

Edit:its common sense alcohol is a liquid that gets absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of your digestive system. what happens when you piss out the alcohol is it still in you bladder being absorbed? no... it wont affect you drunkenness at the time being but it will affect it how long you stay drunk.

Common Sense

Dude! Straight of course. Drunker? Only if the dude that donates is really loaded. Unless you can stand on your head. good luck

Drinking the greatest amount of gin as fast as possible will do it, regardless if it's mixed

One shot is one shot. Whether you mix it or not doesn’t make a difference. Your bathroom movements won’t affect the drunkenness you get.

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