How Often Do You Robo Trip On Dxm?!

Question: How Often Do You Robo Trip On Dxm?
Do You robo trip on dxm ever, how much do you take, and to what level do you enjoy getting to. i have been doing this occasionally for the past few months. its scary if i take too much, so i have to be careful about the doses i take. If i take too much, then i can have a horrible trip, and be so out of my mind, and my senses start shutting down and i freak out because i can't control any thing and i feel out of touch with myself. like an out of body experience. weird. but if i take just the right amount its a great feeling of euphoria and happiness, a good high.


When you take DXM, make sure there is no acetaminophen or you will permanently **** up your liver. If you want a good high, stick to cronic.

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