Do all people do this?!

Question: Do all people do this?
Why do people act really strange when they are drunk? My boyfriend has just come home drunk and is saying the weirdest things.

He switched from saying he loves the rain at home, to some crap about getting his penis snipped at a jewish deli, to his cat having soft fur that he's jealous of and then he changed the subject to only drinking filtered water and clowns :-s
What the hellllll!?

Answers: long as his in a good mood you shouldn't complain! At least his not an angry drunk!

lolol. my bf was drunk one night and told me he loved me and didn't want me to die, then starting talking about what disc of a tv show we were on. i once told my friend that he'd be a lot more attractive if he shaved the hair out of his ears lol. it's normal to act weird when you're drunk. just sit back and laugh at him lol, or better yet, record him and show him how retarded he acts the next day

No, this is complete nonsense, and alcohol never has this effect on people.

I'd phone the police and leave IMMEDIATELY.

It sounds like the early onset of Delirium and acute schizophrenia

I'm a doctor.

Not everyone is such a matter of personal physical fitness, like me, I'm drunk on the vomiting, Spit over
had wanted to sleep.

Somebody acting weird while drunk? That's unheard of. -_-

Drunkard always says eccentric words.

No, All people cannot do like this. Because, all the people are not same.

Straight up, I wanna chill with that guy. You got yourself a winner.

its normal

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