How will I fell if I consume an ounce of weed ?!

Question: How will I fell if I consume an ounce of weed ?
Hopefuly As anyone who is answering this question may kno 4/20 is coming up and me and my friends (four, 15 year old boys including me) are buying well over an ounce. 80$ in brownies and 160$ in smoking I'm lookin forward to it but I also want to know how will I feel the day of 4/20 and the day after if we consume that much Mary Jane. And please I ain't ask to be judge and if you do judge leave an answer worth my time. Thank you. And happy smokeing


That duckysobomb guy is a dick. Weed is dosen't kill brain cells! are going to be ******* baked!

You can seriously overdo it when you eat weed. You won't die, but you can become paralyzed for a few hours. No joke. Eat enough, and you will be unable to even get up to go to the bathroom. It is not fun at all, and can be scary if you get a panic attack. I wouldn't eat more than 2 grams of weed at a time. It just becomes a waste. One gram and you should be fine.

Smoking it on the other hand, you'll eventually just want to stop, so you can smoke as much as you want.

your going to be REALLY baked. it all depends on your tolerance you will be fine after sleeping it off the next day. you may feel a little yucky. haha you will all be very high and probably eat to much food and pass out haha.

as a mom i have to ad that smoking pot is bad. lol

someone who used to smoke back in the day.

only have enough to make you a llittle mellow and happy. You'll regret having more- it's a bit like boozing - a few drinks - fine. More drinks - accident- prone, sleepy, nauseous or paranoid.
Weed varies a helluva lot in quality and potency so do be careful.

Why don't you spend your money something that's worth it instead of wasting
$200+ for an hour of killing brain cells?
oh wait, your just stupid to realize it.

If your talking about eating that much weed, that's gross.
If you smoked it, you would be as baked as a cake :)

An oz is a lot of smoke, even with four people. You will eventually stop getting any higher and decide to stop.

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