How to get drunk before a party?!

Question: How to get drunk before a party?
Im a 18 year old girl, and i want to get a little drunk before a party. I have a bottle of 40% alcohol contreau. And i dont have much experience drinking. Im quite small, about 5"7 and 125 pounds. How much of it willl i have to drink to get a tiny bit drunk? And i dont want to be crazy, just more confident and fun! :) thankyou!


ok first obviously you aren't allowed to.

that being said, i would try mixing it with something, even though it will probably taste horrible. like put a shot and mix it with some juice or something and drink it slowly, and see how you feel after having it slowly and letting it take effect for at least ten minutes. then have some more if you still want some more. but for being pretty light and having low alcohol tolerance, you might even be good after one. make sure you are with someone you can trust, everyone reacts to alcohol differently.

Where are you from? Legal drinking age where I live is 18 (Alberta) but almost everywhere else is 21. Just take a few shots and if you start feeling more confident than stop if not keep going. Sorry if I'm not much help. I'm not a big drinker.

If you're going to drink before the party, then go to the party and drink some more, you're in for BIG trouble, aside from the fact that you're not old enough to drink legally.

First of all, didn't you say you were 14 or 15 years old? Even if you changed your age to 18, even small amounts of alcohol (other than cooking wine maybe) is illegal.

2-3 shots will get you tipsy and lively without making you shitfaced drunk

I think the local police departments know the answer to this. Let them know where you are, so they can help you out.

yeah just three or four shots. i like how most of the answers here feel the need to be so self empowered enough to mock your age

i believe 21 is the drinking age.

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