Is it normal to throw up from the taste of vodka?!

Question: Is it normal to throw up from the taste of vodka?
I took a shot of unflavored vodka, washed it down with some soda and I couldn't hold in the vomit.


If you have had another bad experience with drinking too much vodka in the past it is fairly normal.
You could just try drinking another type of alcohol, changing the way you take the shot, or chasing it with something different like juice.

It's normal to throw up from anything that tastes bad to your body, are yu of legal drinking age? are you used to drinking STRAIGHT LIQUOR, maybe vodka doesn't agree with you. I can only drink certain drinks or I will throw up later (from say too much fruity drinks) and when I DO A SHOT OF TEQUILA, EVERY TIME, I have to hold my nose even with the salt and lime and then I GAG afterwards and my eyes tear, but I know it's gonna happen and I do it anyway to catch a quick buzz if I'm late to a party, LOL. I'm not a big drinker so I'd rather catch a buzz fast then have two grey goose and cranberry and I'm good. Plus you could be drinking very cheap vodka, have you tried Grey Goose.

normal as in, many others have done this...SURE! If you are asking "do I have an allergy or something"
vodka is made from fermented grains and, maybe...I don't know. Otherwise, I'd not try it again...why force yourself into tolerance of alcohol? Enjoy what you do, don't force it! Moderation, friend. Moderation.

If your Vodka has taste, then there's something horribly wrong with it.

I did that once too - all over the kitchen table.

It's abnormal not to throw up from the taste of vodka

You're just a noob. Veterans chase it with beer and don't even flinch.

didnt happen to any of my friends


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