alcohol survey for school?!

Question: Alcohol survey for school?
I am writing a paper on alcoholism for school and I need to collect some statistics. I tried going to the library and asking around but I would need both hands to count how many times I got the finger.

If I could get some responses I would be very grateful. This is for people who have been treated for alcoholism.

If you went to rehab did it help? how long did you stay sober?
If you went to any AA meetings, did it help? how long did you stay sober?

Thanks so much everyone!


You will not get the sort of statistics you need for writing a paper on yahoo answers. I will put some links below that might be helpful to you.

I did go to rehab. 12.5 years ago. I have been sober ever since. But in retrospect, I will say that I am sober in spite of, rather than because of the 12 step based rehab I went to. The 12 step ideology (which is that God gets you sober--it is really a faith healing group) is absurd and there is a significant amount of abuse going on among the members (sexual and financial predators, mentally ill people being encouraged to go off their psychiatric medications).

Here are your links:…………………

Rehab helped until the funding ran out and they kicked me out.
AA was boring as all get out so I stopped going.
I was sober for 6 months. Currently sober for 4 months - I last longer when not in therapy.

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