What juice or mixes of juice goes good with vodka?!

Question: What juice or mixes of juice goes good with vodka?

Apple juice and a twist of lemon is surprisingly good. Also mix vodka with ice cold oj and add a dash of Galliano vanilla liqueur, stir well and you've got yourself the great Harvey wall-banger cocktail.

Orange juice, make a mamosa with a kick. Or koolaid, make a forloco!

Nearly everything.
My favourite is the juice from canned pineapple.

In my view Blue grapes and pomogranate juice give u more energy so u can drink it with Vodka.

I drink vodka and orange that is nice my friend has vodka and cranberry juice

It's good with lemonade, but I always drink mine with cherry limeade.

OJ or cranberry, sometime grape

red bull energy drink

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